​From 6 Weeks to 12 years old. 



What is the child/staff ratio?  

Centers are staffed at the following ratios:  5:1 for infants (ages 6 weeks - 12 months)  6:1 for Young Toddlers (ages 12 months - 24 months)  9:1 for Preschool Age (ages 2 years)  9:1 for preschool Age (ages 3) 10:1 for preschool Age ( age 4) 15:1 school ages (5-12 years) 

Do you offer any programs on non school days?  

All centers will be closed on days designated as classified administrative holidays on the Guilford County School calendar. Programs will be available through separate registration during the district’s Winter, Mid-Winter and Spring Breaks and summer vacation for school age and preschool age children (except for holidays designated on the school calendar). During this time, programs will be provided at selected centers. Families will be charged an additional fee each day for time reserved whether or not their child attends.     

Can my child come to school ill?  

Children who are ill, with or without a temperature, or who are unable to participate in regular activities may not return until their temperature has been normal for a minimum of 24 hours, and the child is able to participate in regular activities.    Conditions such as lice, or symptoms such as vomiting, severe coughing or diarrhea will require removal of the child from the program.    If a child becomes ill while he/she is in our care, parents will be notified and asked to come immediately and pick up their youngster. Until parents arrive, ill children will be separated from the other children.    An alternate plan for your child must be established by parents if they are unable to pick up a sick child or if they cannot be reached by telephone during the work day. This plan must be given to the staff who will keep it on file at the childcare center.      

Who provides the diapers for the infant and toddler programs?  

Parents/Guardians will provide diapers or pull-ups for their child. The staff will notify the parent a day or two in advance, via the daily diaper chart, when additional diapers, pull-ups are needed. Wipes will be provided by the program.     
What is your medication policy?    

Medications will be administered to children only if the "Authorization to Administer Medication" form is current and on file at the center. All medications must be in their original container with a current date, the child’s name, name of the medication, dosage and mode of administration and name of prescribing physician or dentist on it. Please give the medication directly to a staff member. All medications are stored in a locked container out of the reach of children.    Administration will be recorded on a medication log sheet by authorized staff. Any unused medication will be returned to you or properly disposed.    

Infants/Toddlers: A health care provider’s signature is required to administer over-the-counter medications to children less than 2 years of age.